Policy Guidance

AAMC May 2008 - Industry Funding of Medical Educaiton
The strength of these policy guidelines reflect the increased importance given to issues of conflict of interest and industry relationships. They include a complete gifts ban as well as central management of samples.

Brennan et al 2006 - ABIM Policy Proposal for Academic Medical Centers - JAMA
A landmark publication that helped spur the current policy reform initiative. ABIM's recommendations formed the basis of the AMSA Scorecard as well as Prescription Project policy materials.

AMA-CEJA - Indusctry Support of Professional Education in Medicine
Report of the American Medica Association stating, among other recommendations, that industry support shoudl nto be accepted for professional education.

The Prescription Project - Policy Toolkits for Academic Medical Centers
Six area-specific toolkits provide background, analysis and example policies to aid the policy development process. Areas: Gifts, Meals and Entertainment; Samples; CME; Ghostwriting and Speakers' Bureaus; Vendor Relations; Drug and Medical Device Procurement

AMSA - Key Policy Recommendations
Descriptions of policy recommendations as expressed in the AMSA Scorecard methodology

Annotated PharmFree Bibliography
Academic bibliography of strong references substantiating the PharmFree agenda.

AMSA Scorecard 2008
Assessment and analysis of American academic medical center policies on conflicts of interest and industry relationships. Sortable by domain scores (policy areas) school grade, city and state. Links to actual policies. 

IMAP Database
Database of academic medical center policies organized by policy area, type and aegis.