The Prescription Project

The Prescription Project works closely with AMSA in the PharmFree Campaign, partnering, most notably, in producing the annual AMSA PharmFree Scorecard. 

The Prescription Project is led by Community Catalyst in partnership with the Institute on Medicine as a Profession.  Funded by the Pew Charitable Trusts, the Project seeks to eliminate conflicts of interest created by industry marketing by promoting policy change among academic medical centers, professional medical societies and public and private payers. In addition the Project will advance state and national level policy solutions.

Academic medical centers (AMCs) form the intellectual core of medicine, training future doctors and researchers, and establishing standards that guide practicing physicians in the wider community. Where pharmaceutical marketing conflicts with the goals of patient care and professionalism, AMCs can provide leadership and guidance by establishing new standards on physician-industry relationships.

The Prescription Project provides resources, policy analysis and up-to-date commentary on conflicts of interest in medecine on the organizational, state and federal levels.


Policy Toolkits for Academic Medical Centes:

Gifts, Meals and Entertainment
Continuing Medical Education
Vendor Relations
Ghostwriting and Speakers' Bureaus
Drug and Medical Device Procurement