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2010 AMSA PharmFree Scorecard Grades

2010 Scorecard Map


It is not often that students have the opportunity to initiate such large policy reform in their schools and medical centers. Due to recent research, media attention, and discussion within academic medicine, the issues of conflicts of interest and the proper role of industry in medicine has reached a tipping point. At many schools, leadership will only need a little push from students to set major reform in motion.

The 2010 AMSA Scorecard, the 4th edition of the Scorecard, has helped fuel this movement, as well as new guidelines issued by the AAMC in July of 2008 which conform to a large degree with AMSA's positions on best practice policy.

Event Idea:

Host an educational lunch-time lecture with an expert on Conflict of Interest or Access to Medicines. Allow students time to talk about their experiences with industry in medical school. Top it off with discussing your school's grade on the 2010 AMSA PharmFree Scorecard and what improvements could be made - present the grade and your ideas to your Dean using our Report Card Template


Event Idea:

Step 1: Look up your school's grade & policies on the 2010 AMSA Scorecard
Step 2: Complete our Report Card Template with your school's information
Step 3: Pick 1-3 areas of improvement to ask your school & Dean to improve on.
Step 4: Educate your classmates & Dean on area's of strenght and weakness at the school. Offer your Dean student insight for reform.