2nd Slide Campaign

What’s a 2nd Slide?

In the last lecture you attended, did your teacher disclose relevant relationships with industry? It’s standard practice in graduate and continuing medical education to disclose conflicts of interest. In a talk, this disclosure is often the 2nd slide. The premise of this campaign is simple: medical students should receive the same types of disclosures that educators provide in other types of medication.

Why does this matter?

As future doctors, we have a professional duty to provide the best, most objective information to our patients. Medical students and doctors know all-too-well how quickly we must learn. As we pick up knowledge on the fly, it is vital to know where information comes from.

Research shows that financial conflicts of interest can impact (even subconsciously!) the presentation and interpretation of data. In order to ensure a standard of objectivity, most types of medical education require disclosure of conflicts.

The only consistent exception is medical student education! The fact is that most medical schools lack clear guidelines to help faculty members disclose conflicts of interest to students. What about your school? Join the 2nd Slide Campaign. Make disclosure to medical students not the exception, but the rule!

Create lasting change at your school

Next steps:

  • Assess the disclosure policy at your school
    Does your school have a disclosure policy? How can we help you? Let us know about it here.
  • Recruit other students and learn more about the issue.
    Find allies in your class and on your campus. Consider throwing an event to raise awareness. 
  • Help us to help you!
    Resources are below to help you get started. But beyond the general items below, we would love to prive you tailored support. We may even be able to help you fund PharmFree events at your school. Email for more details.
  • Identify supportive faculty and resources on your campus to help you strategize.
    We can help you tailor our resources to build support at your school.
  • Make disclosure happen at your school!


More resources to come!