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See the Resources/Partner Organizations section for a list of other organizations that work on access to medicines issues.


AMSA's Official Position on Issues

AMSA has taken a stand on issues of access to medicines, and these positions are listed in detail in our Constitution (also called the Preamble, Purposes, and Principles, or PPP) . This document is written by medical students, and amended only by vote of the official decision-making body of the Association, the House of Delagates.


Projects in a Box

  • AMSA's "Improving Access to Medicines in Developing Countries: What Can You Do at Your University?" (zip file that includes many files listed below)
  • AMSA's World AIDS Day (WAD) 2008 - overview and toolkit
  • Student Global AIDS Campaign (SGAC) - Universal Access 2010 Campaign


Education, Policy, and Direct Action Tools


Issue Specific Resources



Access to HIV/AIDS Medicines

Patents / Trade


Research Gap / Negected Diseases

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Pricing / Generics

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Role of Universities / Technology Transfer